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VerifiGlobal Benefits

Benefits to VerifiGlobal Alliance Members (i.e., testing and verification organizations)

  • Effective coordination of technical capabilities of performance testing and verification organizations with diverse areas of expertise, and enhanced capacity to conduct performance testing and verification at a global scale
  • Streamlined process and quality assurance with working arrangements that maximize efficient use of resources
  • Effective communication and branding of the high quality services provided by VerifiGlobal Alliance members through a distinctive logo and certificate
  • Greater potential for reciprocity and acceptance of test methods and performance data across multiple jurisdictions
  • Web-based marketing and information platform for the provision of services such as performance benchmarking, protocol development, monitoring plan development, and capacity building
  • Effective advocacy and collective action based on performance benchmarking and stakeholder engagement to identify relevant performance parameters
  • Enhanced ability to serve a broad range of clients across different sectors through targeted lead generation and co-marketing with governments and the private sector
  • Provision of other performance evaluation and quality assurance services, including training of testing and verification bodies, and follow-up performance monitoring
  • Greater capacity to help clients access strategic alliances, technology investment and project financing, thereby accelerating market adoption

Benefits to VerifiGlobal Clients (i.e., innovative technology companies, buyers, investors, and regulators)

  • Performance testing and verification services for a broad range of clients and needs across different sectors
  • Provision of related client services such as protocol development, monitoring plan development and capacity building
  • Enhanced credibility and acceptance of innovative technologies based on sound science, high quality data and recognized performance verification protocols
  • Effective decision support based on performance benchmarking and stakeholder engagement reflecting stakeholder needs and relevant performance parameters
  • Assistance in accessing technology investment and project financing, thereby accelerating market adoption and deployment of innovative technologies, while minimizing technical and operational risks
  • Greater credibility and access to new markets based on verified performance information that differentiates new technologies from conventional approaches
  • Provision of reliable information and performance benchmarks for innovative technologies with unique features in target markets with specific performance requirements, or where standards may not exist
  • Supports evidence-based regulatory objectives, accelerates regulatory approvals and avoids repeating tests and demonstrations for different users
  • Supports value-based procurement and provides a mechanism to integrate the technical requirements of procurement specifications
  • Stakeholder engagement through targeted campaigns and co-marketing with governments and the private sector, with greater potential for reciprocity and multilateral acceptance performance testing and verification results across multiple jurisdictions
  • Effective global branding through a distinctive VerifiGlobal logo and performance verification statement