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BaySaver Technologies, LLC., 1030 Deer Hollow Dr., Mount Airy MD 21771, USABaySaver BayFilter™ Enhanced Media Cartridge (EMC)Stormwater Filtration TechnologyDate of Issue: 2018-10-24

VerifiGlobal Registration Number: V-2018-10-02
BaySaver BayFilter™ Enhanced Media Cartridge (EMC) Verification Statement
Hydro International, 94 Hutchins Drive, Portland, Maine 04102, USAHydro International First Defense® High Capacity (FDHC) Oil Grit SeparatorOil Grit Separator (OGS)Date of Issue: 2018-10-15

VerifiGlobal Registration Number: V-2018-10-01
Hydro International First Defense® High Capacity (FDHC) Verification Statement

Ziltek Pty. Ltd. 40-46 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton SA 5031 AUSTRALIA


Handheld infrared device for rapid infield measurement of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in soil

Date of Issue: 2017-09-15

VerifiGlobal Registration Number: V-2017-09-01

RemScan™Verification Statement