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The mission of VerifiGlobal is to enhance sustainability through performance benchmarking and quality assured testing and verification procedures, enabling informed decisions and improved efficiency.

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VerifiGlobal Solutions Network

Companies that choose to have their performance claims tested and/or verified through VerifiGlobal are eligible to join the VerifiGlobal Solutions Network.

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    Cleantech Forum, San Francisco (USA) 28-30 January 2019

    Southern Research is co-hosting an ISO 14034 ETV focused workshop taking place at the Cleantech Forum January 28-30 in San Francisco. The event brings together 700+ innovative clean technology developers and investors in a single forum.

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    World Water-Tech Innovation Summit, 26-27 February 2019

    Now in its 8th year, the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit has gained global recognition as the summit where deals are made and new partnerships formed between leaders of major utilities and municipalities, industrial end users, engineering firms, technology companies, start-ups, and investors.

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    Updated start date for US EPA Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge Preliminary Testing

    Due to the recent US government shutdown, the Preliminary Testing of nitrogen sensors at MASSTC was delayed. It has now been re-scheduled and will begin on February 25, 2019