Why VerifiGlobal?

15 april 2016

The creation of VerifiGLOBAL arises from discussions over the past two years among organizations providing environmental technology verification services in different countries.

 A working group was formed to explore the feasibility of establishing a global network of organizations focused on the provision of independent performance measurement and verification (PMV) services.

The objective of VerifiGLOBAL is to facilitate market acceptance and deployment of sustainable, eco-efficient solutions through:

  • Cooperation, collaboration and collective action among third-party performance testing organizations, verification bodies and analytical laboratories;
  • Effective application of standardized PMV procedures; and
  • Meaningful dialogue and informed decision-making.

VerifiGLOBAL aligns with the expected mid-2016 introduction of a new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for environmental technology verification (ETV). ISO 14034 provides a structured, pre-normative procedure to verify the performance of innovative products, technologies and services, reflecting an international consensus that standardization of the verification process is an effective way to establish the credibility and robustness of environmental performance information world‐wide.

To date, over 1500 technologies have been verified globally under various government-supported national and regional ETV programs. With promulgation of the new ISO standard and increasing global interest in performance verification, it is expected that VerifiGLOBAL will augment and help to advance the objectives of many existing and proposed private sector initiatives and public sector programs, including those incorporating the ETV process.

VerifiGLOBAL membership sends a clear message to the global clean technology community that third-party PMV is vital for effective transformation and adaptation in an increasingly complex world. We welcome your comments and suggestions.